Is Clean Really Better?

Summer is quickly approaching and many women are looking for the quick fix to get bikini ready. With this, the popularity of the cleanse is sweeping the nation. From The Master Cleanse, to the SkinnyGirl Cleanse, a variety of juice cleanses, and many, many more, it’s no wonder we might turn to one of these to shed those last couple of pounds.

With the abundance of cleanses they each claim relatively similar effects while having slightly different procedures. In the end, they all say they can help you lose weight and have better health. The scary truth is that most health care professionals do not find cleanses a healthy way to lose weight.

Marissa Lippert, a registered dietitian, says that most people who turn to cleanses do not see long term weight loss, rather it is just a quick drop of weight that is added back on once you begin eating normally again. Cher Pastore, R.D., agrees that cleanses are not a way to lose weight for the long term. She, along with M.D. Susan Blum, say that a short one-three day cleanse can be ok, but anything longer than that is not necessary and can be harmful (2011).

According to an article in USA Today many dietitians do not believe in or condone any sort of cleanse (Hellmich, 2009). It was stated that most are deficient in necessary nutrients and proteins. It seems that a cleanse can actually do more harm than help. Salmon (2010) discusses the trend of cleanses and a doctor’s point of view. The author says that there are times when people in certain fields of work or those who have particular medical conditions may benefit from a cleanse. However, it is reiterated that we have many organs that are in charge of detoxing our bodies without our help.

So if you’re going to dive into the world of cleanses, make sure you do your research and think about the results you are looking for. If it’s long term weight loss a gym membership might be a better way to spend your money.

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Blue Skies and Clean Closets

Spring is really here, well at least for those us of that live in Southern California. Besides these beautiful blue skies, this can only mean one thing…spring cleaning. The thought of going through my closet makes me cringe but I try and look at the positives, the more I get rid of, the more room I can make for new clothes. And that makes me happy 🙂 When you do decide to finally take the plunge into the abyss of fabric and zippers, plan ahead for what you will do with the items you can part ways with.

There are multiple women’s organizations that take donations of lightly used clothing. These are great places to donate your professional work clothes that you no longer need. Organizations such as Working Wardrobes, WHW, and Dress for Success, help empower women through job placement and an integral part of this process is clothing. These organizations provide a professional pseudo-boutique, where women can go and pick out a few options for interviews and work outfits. By donating your clothes you’re helping women to become more self sufficient and powerful in the workplace.

So now what to do with the rest of your beloved pieces that you must get rid of?? Selling online is a great, easy option. While you might run to sites that you are more familiar with, why don’t you try something new? is a great place to sell your high-end designer clothing and accessories. It’s simple, easy, and you get to keep all your profits! Best part is, we donate 10% of our personal profits to different women’s organizations. So by simply selling on you’re helping out women.

With the beautiful seasons of Spring and Summer upon us we must find it somewhere deep down in us to take the time to clear away last seasons fashion and make room for the upcoming items we will be collecting.

What’s Your Color Season?

When browsing through a boutique do you wonder, “Which color looks best on me?” Well ladies, you’re in luck, based on your skin tone there is a best color for you!

First: Match your skin tone description with one of the seasons listed below.

Second: After you identify your color season, you can distinguish your best colors.

Last: Use these tips to choose the best colors for you. Happy shopping!


Winter complexions are considered to have a cool tone. They have a blue or rosy pink undertones and can have pale, olive or dark skin. A winter could be someone with white-blonde hair or brunette with dark eyes.


Like winter, summers complexions have a cool tone. This is someone with the blue or pink skin color undertone. Summers tend to be natural blondes with pale eyes. Though, someone with brunette hair and pale eyes could also be a summer.


Autumn is considered to be a warmer undertone. This is if you have golden undertones and are either a redhead or brunette with golden brown eye color.


Spring is another warmer tone. They tend to have a subtler golden undertone and are either a creamier white or peach color. This is someone who is a golden blonde, auburn, or strawberry blonde. A spring has clear blue or green eyes with freckles and rosy cheeks. Springs have lighter eyes than autumns.

Now that you have identified your season you can match it with the information below to learn which colors will best complement you.


Winters look best in bright, bold colors. Black, navy, and hot pink will complement the skin tone well. For a lighter color you can go with a crisp white or a cool blue. Think sharp for bold colors and icy for pastels when choosing color.


If you’re a summer you are going to want to stick with muted or neutral colors. Pastels are a great way to go with a powder blue, light yellow, rosy pink, or plum. Stick with colors that have cooler undertones.


Autumns want to choose colors that have warm undertones. They can be muted or very rich such as a dark brown or olive. Orange and gold are also good colors along with beige and camel.


For spring you do not want to go with a color that is too muted or too dark. You want to stick with pale or soft colors. Golden brown or yellow, aqua, peach, coral are all colors that will flatter the spring complexion.

Now that you have discovered your color season and learned which colors are best suited for you, you can begin to pick tops that will most complement you.

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New Year, New Happiness

Hey Ladies! I know it’s already February but it’s not too late to start 2012 off right. While many of you might have made resolutions that were too hard to keep, I have a better idea. Let’s spend this year concentrating on what we like about ourselves. There are things we all want to change, but I think it’s more important to BE HAPPY.

We all have to discover how to make ourselves happy. It could be as simple as working out more often or as complex as finding a new job, but what’s important is discovering where that happiness comes from. Once you know what you need, you can concentrate your energy on that happiness and avoid the daily negativities we all come in contact with.

While being happier in your everyday life is a benefit in itself, it has been found that there is even more to the happiness. The psychologist Martin E. P. Seligman found that there are six benefits of being happy:

  1. Happiness Feels Good
  2. Better Health
  3. Longer Life
  4. Successful Relationships
  5. Success in Work
  6. Better Mental Health

With these great benefits in your life how could you not want to be a happy person?! So lets make a promise, instead of spending 2012 trying to improve ourselves, let’s spend the year loving ourselves and being happy!

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