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Blue Skies and Clean Closets

Spring is really here, well at least for those us of that live in Southern California. Besides these beautiful blue skies, this can only mean one thing…spring cleaning. The thought of going through my closet makes me cringe but I try and look at the positives, the more I get rid of, the more room I can make for new clothes. And that makes me happy 🙂 When you do decide to finally take the plunge into the abyss of fabric and zippers, plan ahead for what you will do with the items you can part ways with.

There are multiple women’s organizations that take donations of lightly used clothing. These are great places to donate your professional work clothes that you no longer need. Organizations such as Working Wardrobes, WHW, and Dress for Success, help empower women through job placement and an integral part of this process is clothing. These organizations provide a professional pseudo-boutique, where women can go and pick out a few options for interviews and work outfits. By donating your clothes you’re helping women to become more self sufficient and powerful in the workplace.

So now what to do with the rest of your beloved pieces that you must get rid of?? Selling online is a great, easy option. While you might run to sites that you are more familiar with, why don’t you try something new? RunwayJunkie.com is a great place to sell your high-end designer clothing and accessories. It’s simple, easy, and you get to keep all your profits! Best part is, we donate 10% of our personal profits to different women’s organizations. So by simply selling on RunwayJunkie.com you’re helping out women.

With the beautiful seasons of Spring and Summer upon us we must find it somewhere deep down in us to take the time to clear away last seasons fashion and make room for the upcoming items we will be collecting.

Emerging Designers at OC Fashion Showcase

This past weekend, Runway Junkie attended the OC Fashion Showcase and saw many beautiful designs for a great cause!

OC Fashion Showcase is an annual fundraising event for Working Wardrobes, an OC based non- profit organization that helps underprivileged men and women get back on their feet and into the workplace. This event brings together fashion and local businesses to support their cause.

The first night’s fashion show theme, “Beach” showed off amazing surf, swim and casual beach wear designs.

BOLD Girlz was the first designer of the night. B.O.L.D girls stands for Brave Original Loving Daring. This is a local company donates 10% of their proceeds to charities that empower women. Fantastic to know great minds think alike!

Their designs shown were casual beach. One of their identifying features is a G shaped peace sign.

The second designer was Confiance. Confiance (meaning confidence in French) is an LA based company that emphasizes diversity. Confiance has T-shirts and hand made jewelry inspired by other cultures. Many of their designs have phrases written on them in various languages. Each item even has a handmade logo!

Brit Boy Swimwear is a designer that embodies British culture in each piece. Many have British symbols such as the British flag. The swimsuit pictured below has parts of the British flag lining the edges.

The last designer of the night was Borreca Swimwear. With their bright colors and daring designs, these swimsuits would be a showstopper anywhere.

Borreca Swimwear

Stay posted for reviews from Friday and Saturday night’s events!

Shopping While Being Socially Conscious

When you hear the word shopping, I bet socially conscious isn’t the first thing to come to mind. When a girlfriend says, “Let’s go shopping!” you probably think about your favorite boutique or department store you want to visit. Or maybe you think about a new watch or pair of jeans you’ve had your eye on. Well, if we can all start to think a little more socially conscious when we think of shopping we can make some BIG differences.

Being socially conscious can mean a lot of things, so for the purpose of this specific blog I’m defining it as shopping on sites or in stores that are charitable. Again, you might think charitable? shopping? Well yes, that is exactly what I mean! When you’re thinking about buying a new Michael Kors purse or a pair of Seven Jeans, you can check out some sites and stores that might have exactly what you’re looking for and even better, donate profits to a great cause!

Many women’s charities have boutiques that sell new and used clothing that has been donated to their cause. By purchasing items at these boutiques you’re donating to a cause while buying something new. You might be thinking that you’re not into the whole thrift store, used clothing thing, but don’t knock this till you try it. Many of these boutiques are high-end, have designer items, and many are new, never used items. Orange County, California has many of these boutiques run by women’s organizations. Just to name a few…

Working Wardrobes- The Hanger

WHW- Deja New

New Directions For Women- Repeat Boutique

Maybe you don’t live in Orange County but if you Google women’s charities in your area, you’d be surprised at how many have boutiques.

Another way to shop socially consciously is online. Many fashion websites have teamed up with different charities that they donate a percentage of their profits to. Or certain designers help out their favorite causes by donating money from the sale of certain items. At RunwayJunkie.com we hold this topic near and dear to our heart. We make it our mission to donate at least 10% of own net-profits to a variety of women’s organizations. So by shopping on our site you are helping women and getting great deals on high-end, designer items.

Springing Forward

Daylight saving time is behind us, the days are longer, and the warm weather (hopefully) is upon us. So what does that mean for your wardrobe? Lose the scarfs and chunky sweaters, and bring out the bright colors and sundresses! Nothing says spring like finding a mix of wildflower colors to fill your closet. If you can’t seem to find any colorful pieces that are springing you forward, then look no further! Runway Junkie has a plethora of bright items suited perfectly for the upcoming season.

If you’re looking for a classic spring dress that is perfect for a day or night event, then check out this Marc by Marc Jacobs V-neck orange and yellow dress.

This size 6, lightly worn dress is a must have. With a belt perfectly wrapping around the waist, it will suit any body type. Wear it to a nice brunch or an evening cocktail party; it’s a staple piece, fantastic for spring and summer. Even better, 100% of the proceeds go to the non-profit WHW.

Another great option is this BCBGeneration cocktail dress. This pink and white, above the knee dress would make a wonderful addition to your personal spring collection.

The lightly worn, size small (4-6) dress looks like new. Having only been worn a few times you cannot tell that it has been previously owned. The peak-a-boo cutout back makes for a cute little surprise when you turn around. This dress would look fabulous with some white wedges and a up-do hair style to show off all the dress has to offer.

Maybe you’re not quite ready to bust out the bright colors. Well, this BCBG Max Aria dress might just be better suited for you.

The pastel pink, yellow, and green, geometric shapes add just a light pop of color without being too bold. The size s (4-6) dress has never been worn. Belted around the waist, it would be perfect for an evening cocktail party. If you purchase this dress, 100% of the proceed got to the non-profit WHW. It’s a great buy!

For more spring dress or bright colored clothes options, check out RunwayJunkie.com! Where philanthropy never looked so good.

The Health in Shopping

What if I told you there was more to shopping than just clothes in your closet and a higher balance on your credit card. Surprisingly, there are some positives to this addictive habit. From your brain to your body, your whole being can benefit from a trip to the mall or a browse online.

There are many different ways that shopping has been found to be a healthier habit than one would think. If you choose to take to the streets to fulfill your retail therapy you are doing more than just expanding your wardrobe. By walking when shopping you are getting exercise. You probably didn’t even realize this because it’s for pleasure, but walking around for three hours is a great way to squeeze in some calorie burning.

Now maybe you don’t make it to the retail stores that often, or you just prefer to shop online, there are perks to this as well. Shopping releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy, so shopping makes you happy. How great is that?! This can happen in your own home or at the mall, but the point is that your brain feels a sense of joy from purchasing products.

When shopping for women’s clothing or accessories online you could even go to a website like RunwayJunkie.com where 10% of the net-profits are donated to a variety of women’s organizations. You would be releasing endorphins and doing something great, just think how good you would feel!

Tynan, D. (2008). Shopping IS Good For You: How Manolos Can Save Your Life. Women’s Health, http://www.womenshealthmag.com/life/benefits-of-shopping?page=1

The Good, The Bad, and The Bling

Have you noticed that many celebs are packing on the…accessories. Tons of bracelets, doubling up on necklaces, and sometimes even wearing multiple watches. So how do you know when enough is enough and when to add a little more?While you have to personally decide what you feel comfortable wearing, there are also a few key rules to stick to. Here are some examples of the good, the bad, and the bling.

Sarah Jessica Parker has found a way to wear multiple necklaces and make it look good! The key to her fabulous look is that she has decided to tone down the rest of her outfit. Her dress is simple, her hair is pulled back, and she went with small hoop earrings so as to not distract from her layers of necklaces. The simplicity of the rest of her outfit really lets her over accessorizing stand out.

And here is an example of too much accessorizing. Paula Abul has made the mistake of too much in one area. While her necklace and earrings would be great statement pieces on their own, it is overwhelming to put them together. To improve this look she should either wear smaller earrings with the large necklace, or pair the earrings with a lighter necklace.

This is a great example of how to over accessorize your wrists. Since everything is on one wrist, it’s best to leave the other wrist bare or just add one light bracelet. By concentrating on just one arm it doesn’t over power you. You could even have a ring or two on either hands and it would still look good.

This is an example of the bad bling. This is way too much overall. I don’t know how someone wearing all this wouldn’t fall over from the weight. If you want to wear bracelets on both hands it should be a few light bracelets and maybe a watch or a thicker bracelet on the other arm. Also, pick a few rings, every finger does not need jewelry.

While over accessorizing is a great jewelry trend that is fun to play around with, make sure that you do it right. You don’t want to overdo one part of your body. If you’re wearing a large statement necklace, stick to small earrings. If you want to play up a bundle of bracelets, don’t cover both arms up to your elbows. Follow these few simple rules to help you successfully over accessorize.

Meet Our Featured Non-Profit-WHW

Runwayjunkie.com is a firm believer in looking good AND giving back. That’s why we donate 10% of our net profits to a variety of women’s organizations. We also feature different non-profits that benefit women on Runwayjunkie.com. An organization that we have recently teamed up with is WHW (Women Helping Women).

WHW is a non-profit organization in Orange County that was formed in 1993. They provide employment services to disadvantaged women, and they also now help men and teens. Their goal is to help their clients achieve economic success by providing employment opportunities.

A part of WHW services is suppling clients with work appropriate clothing. While the majority of the donated clothes are used at the WHW facilities they also have a retail shop that is open to the community once a week.

Déjà New has a plethora of designer clothing and accessories at unbelievably low prices. Every dollar that is made in the retail shop goes directly to helping the clients of WHW. The best part…They are now selling on Runwayjunkie.com!

From Stuart Weitzman to Michael Kors, Déjà New is listing fabulous pieces on Runwayjunkie.com and the money is going to a great cause!

Ready for Spring? Check out these lime green Stuart Weitzman pumps. They are listed for a mere $50!

Or maybe you’re in the market for a new colorful top. WHW has listed a beautiful multi-colored Michael Kors shirt for only $30! This is a brand new top with the tags still attached. Don’t miss out on this gorgeous deal.

Check out Déjà New’s online boutique at Runwayjunkie.com and look good while giving back!

Winter Warmth

A girl needs a great Winter coat to keep her warm during these cold months. From the West Coast to the East Coast and everywhere in between, you need to find the perfect coat for you and your location. While we are starting to see bright colored coats as the popular trend in Hollywood, you should also have that staple coat that goes with any outfit.

Pea coats are a timeless classic that can work for any weather, location, and occasion. If you are in the snowy states where warmth is very important you can try a coat like the Ben Sherman gray wool pea coat. This double breasted pea coat has an oversized collar that can be buttoned up if you are in need of extreme coverage.

Runwayjunkie.com has this Ben Sherman Pea Coat listed for just $100.

While heavy, warm coats are much needed when it’s snowing, sometimes you need a lighter coat. American Rag made a cute white with black trim, double breasted pea coat. It’s knee length and has great pockets. It’s cute, comfortable and with a few layers underneath, can be very warm if need be.

This American Rag pea coat is listed for just $100 by Working Wardrobes, an organization that helps women find jobs. So it’s a great coat and your money is going to a great organization! Check out this American Rag White Pea Coat  on Runwayjunkie.com.

If neither of these two coats peaked your interested, I have one more coat that is listed on Runwayjunkie.com that might be for you. This Dan Di Modes brown leather fur coat is a real eye catcher. It falls below the knee and is accented with cream fur.

This Dan Di Modes Brown Leather Coat is listed for $500 on Runwayjunkie.com, and it is well worth the price. It is also listed by Working Wardrobes and your money would be going to a great cause.

You can check out the above coats and more on Runwayjunkie.com!